the grade-in phenomenon

I read a post on Facebook tonight from the President of the local NEA chapter.  He shared a link to a story about a “Grade-In”, a new trend sweeping the country. The Grade-In seeks to show the public what teachers really do, that it’s not all fun and games, and that we teach because we love it.

What an incredibly refreshing idea – teachers making a statement by doing what we do best rather than leaving our posts to rally at state capitals. I would never deny or disparage someone’s right to peaceably protest, but some of my colleagues make me ashamed to be an educator when I see them yelling on the news…in the middle of the school day.

If we are to bring about a positive change, why don’t we try being positive about it?

Many thanks to the FCAE for posting the story on Facebook, and for hosting their own “Grade-In” on April 30th in Winston-Salem, NC.

Video from a Grade-In that took place in New Jersey: