“did she really just say that?”

We tested this week, which should be enough information for you to determine how the week went.  Our students worked so hard, which is the only explanation for their otherwise quirky and bizzare behavior.  I will share what I have not blocked from my memory:

1.  At the end of the day on Wednesday, a young man walked into my classroom for homeroom and greeted me by saying, “Hey baby.”  He was dismissed early that day.

2.  While standing in the hall during a class change on Tuesday, one of my female students walked right up to me and proclaimed, “Mrs. Russ, I think female condoms are ugly.”  Apparently they’ve been learning about contraception in Family Life class.  I’m so glad she’s comfortable sharing such things with me.

3.  As one of my more hyper students ran towards me in the hallway, I pulled him aside before he entered my classroom and told him to calm down.  He said that he was too “hype”, and then he punched the wall with his fists.  Five minutes later he asked if he could go to the nurse for some ice packs.  During lunch I turned around just in time to see him holding the ice bags against his chest and telling his friends, “Hey look at me, I have jugs!” 

4.  Friday was “Dress to Impress” day, and students were encouraged to dress as if they were going to an interview.  I saw lots of well-groomed 8th graders as I stood in the hallway, but one student caught my eye.  He was walking down the hallway in a tuxedo singing “I’m too sexy”.

This week made me smile and laugh a lot, and it was nice to be able to enjoy the time I spent with my students.  Most weeks you’ll hear teachers collectively moan and groan about how hard we work, but this week was a good reminder that our students work hard too.  They’re so young to have to do so much – we all need to laugh a little (or a lot) every now and then.