“if i were president…”

It’s no surprise that presidential campaigning has begun.  It seems to start earlier and earlier each year, and we don’t even have an official Republican nominee yet. 

One of my favorite parts of teaching is learning about my students – their ambitions, likes, habits…everything.  During our unit on the Federal Government and in recent weeks, my students have become particularly vocal about how they would handle the affairs of the nation if they were to win the White House.  I have recorded my favorite ideas for future posterity:

“I would have a big party and everybody would drink kool-aid.”

“If I were president, I would just print more money so we would all have what we want.”

“The first thing I would do is paint the White House black.  Then it would be the Black House.”

“I would bring all our troops home, cause that’s probably why the rest of the world hates us.”

“I would definitely legalize marijuana.”

“If I was president, I would get rid of school.  It doesn’t do any good anyway.”

I laugh on the outside, but secretly I hope that someday I’ll be watching their campaign ads on television.  Maybe we will have kool-aid in the White House…


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