“you should go kill yourself”

That was one of the last things a student said to me on Tuesday.  He thought it was hilarious.  Sadly, I was not surprised to hear something like that come from him, or anyone else in his class. 

Teaching secondary students reminds me of being one, and I like to think I’ve grown some thick skin over the past 5 years.  The honor roll assemblies and graduation ceremonies are nice, but I like to remember comments like these to keep me grounded (warning –  the comments below, just like the words that come from my student’s mouths, are unedited):

1.  “That skirt makes your legs look ugly.” 

2.  “Oh my god, your ears are so weird and pointy.”

3.  “Why does your skin look yellow?”

4.  “Are you pregnant?” (I’m not, by the way)

5.  “Bitch, leave me alone.”

6.  “It looks like you have a mullet.”

7.  “Your forehead is HUGE.”

8.  “You kind of have a pancake butt.”

9.  “Are you fucking retarded?”

10.  “I hate this class.”


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