“we have a test?”

This is the most frustrating question I ever get. 

“Yes, remember when I gave you the outline at the beginning of the unit and told you to write down the test date?  And remember when I wrote down the date of the test and left it on the homework board by the door?  And remember when I emailed your parents to remind them?”

Then comes the follow-up:

“But what have we done?”

“Well I guess we’ll find out, won’t we dear?”


2 Comments on ““we have a test?””

  1. Qwillman says:

    Possible replies to ‘we have a test?’
    -Yes, a urine test. I hope you studied.
    -Yes, a stress test. I hope you didn’t lose sleep over it.
    -Yes, want to know what it’s on? Paper.

    I had a student once who would often ask the others in the class if they had studied when they weren’t going to have one. He tried to make them think they had forgotten about it. He made me think of my mother’s cure for dogs who stole eggs from the chickens on her farm. A rotten egg was placed in the nest for him to steel and hopefully learn from the experience. So I asked him one day if he had studied for the quiz that we were having today. Then I sent down to the office for something. While he was gone I filled the rest of the class in. It was a fake quiz and here were the illogical answers. After the quiz was over we marked it in class and he became increasing frustrated by his wrong answers. Eventually he realized that something was wrong and the class explained to him that they found his little joke stupid and annoying. He never did it again

  2. Tamara says:

    I get, “We have a paper due today?”

    Yes, remember when we spent three days in writing workshops giving you time to prewrite and draft and peer edit?

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