“are you e-commuting?”

Why yes, yes I am. 

Today is our first teacher workday of the year, just in time for report card grades to be due.  Our superintendent announced last week that employees would be given the option to “e-commute” and work from home if they desired.  You can read this article  for more information.

This is one of many things that my school district has gotten right.  Our superintendent has made 21st Century learning a priority, and she makes a point to follow-up with programs and policies that reinforce the notion.  And imagine the money the district will save by not having to turn on every light and heater today.  For me, the benefits are a no-brainer.

At 9am, I have finished grades for 2 out of 6 classes.  I am nearly on my second cup of coffee, contemplating getting a shower, and optimistic about the grading and planning that I will be able to accomplish today…on my couch. 

Perhaps the school system did not weigh the potential consequences, as I have begun searching online for “virtual teaching positions”.


One Comment on ““are you e-commuting?””

  1. Tamara says:

    Happy hunting.

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