“mrs.russ, do you know how to cook?”

Of course I can cook.  I make a mean lasagna, and my meatloaf isn’t too bad either according to my husband, our neighbor downstairs, and a singing troubador. 

When my students asked me this question, I told them the same thing, highlighting my most famous recipes.  Their response was an eruption of laughter.  Finally a nice girl clued me in on the 8th grade code – “cook” is a dance move.  In case you’re wondering, I do not “cook”. 

Then I learned about “baking”.  Not the seasonal baking that I enjoy, and not the baking that a certain subgroup enjoys in back of the school underneath the bleachers.  I was accused of attempting to “bake” when I threw attitude back at my students.  For example:

student: “what’s that smell?”

me: “must be your upper lip”

student: “no mrs.russ, don’t try and bake”

I learned so many things from my 8th graders this week, and I remembered why I love teaching so much.  It really is so much fun to interact with students every day, especially when they’re learning to be real people – good, hygenic, sarcastic people. 

One of my favorite moments was when a student raised his hand and said, ever so seriously,

 “Mrs. Russ, I have something important to tell you.” 

“Ok” I said, “What is it?”

“I need some candy.”


One Comment on ““mrs.russ, do you know how to cook?””

  1. Tamara says:

    I like it when you bake.

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