the skate party

Mark your calendars!  October 19th is the first skate night of the school year! 

I was delightfully appalled when I heard the news.  Then I remembered that I teach middle school.  I was even more shocked to learn that many of my students avoid the $2.50 skate rental fee because they own their own roller skates. 

What I was most amused with were the variety of reactions from my students when I announced that I had Skate Night permission forms to pass out.  Several of my 8th graders are still 7th graders – they are silly, fun, smelly, quirky, and wouldn’t know “cool” if it slapped them in the face.  They immediately expressed interest in Skate Night.

Then there are the 13-going-on-30 year olds.  They are only in 8th grade because it’s required by law.  Otherwise, they are cooler and more mature than their peers, and me for that matter.  They have no interest in Skate Night, and find it necessary to scoff at those who do.

My favorite 8th graders though are the truest ones, the students who feel the conflict between where they are, where they’ve been, and where they know they’re meant to be.  Deep down, they know a skate party is ridiculous, but it’s also ridiculously awesome, and they’re not ready to let go of that.  I think they’ll be pleasantly suprised to find that we eventually come full circle, and grown adults wish they could clear their calendars to attend Skate Night.


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