My school does something pretty cool – every day we have “Intervention/Enrichment” time.  It’s a 30-minute “class” where students go to an elective or to a core class that they’re struggling in to get targeted help.  When the administration approached me about teaching an enrichment class, I threw out several ideas.  The one they were most excited about was a mock trial course. 

Since I teach 8th grade all day, they thought it might be nice for me to get to know some of the 7th graders.  So every morning for 30 minutes, I hang out with 15 7th graders and we plan out trials.  For the past week, we’ve been mapping out the case of Bear v. Gold E. Locks.  As they were drafting questions today, I glanced on one young man’s paper.  For his cross examination of Papa Bear, he asked, “Have you ever considered switching to light porridge?”

It made me laugh.

Today was especially fun in Civics because we’re talking about the Declaration of Independence.  Because they’ve been taught about the Declaration in both 5th and 7th grades, I get to go a little more in-depth and a little more whaky.  After showing the classic Schoolhouse Rock video, I found this nifty little rap about the document that I showed.  They requested to watch it over and over again, and I’m told that it was “swag”.  Unfortunately as we were summarizing the document, I asked a simple question.  “Who were the colonists declaring independence from?”  One well-meaning student quickly yelled out (in all seriousness):




One Comment on “cuba?”

  1. Stephanie T. says:

    Love the cross examination of Papa Bear! Maybe you could make up mock-trials based on your previous classes… they would be very entertaining…

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