but what about weed?

Each year, I am forced to act shocked about and interested in the ongoing debate over legalizing marijuana.  I hear the same arguments every year:

“Nobody ever got high and killed someone, but people get drunk and kill others all the time.”

“Marijuana is actually good for you.”

“It’s legal in most other countries.”

Today I was pleasantly surprised to be in the midst of the debate over marijuana and field this question:

“But what about weed?”

In case you were wondering, there is a difference (on “the street”) between the two, though I would never be so bold as to attempt to recount it here.  Plus I’m pretty sure the Feds are reading.

Today was especially long (longer than the usual 10-hour day) because we hosted Back-to-School night for parents.  It gives families an opportunity to come, meet the teachers, walk through the schedule, and sign up for conferences if necessary.  It was mildly productive, but I did have two eventful visits. 

First there were Daron’s parents.  He transfered into my class last week, and on a block schedule that means I’ve seen him about 2 1/2 days.  I didn’t even know that his name is pronounced darON, not DAREon.  Woops.

Then another student of mine stopped by with her mom and younger brother.  They were the last of the night for me, so we informally chatted about the course and I discovered that the mother holds a degree in history.  We began discussing various topics related to history and Civics.  In the context of the Bill of Rights and equal rights, she then revealed to me that she has a partner and they have a civil union together. For some reason I became very excited about this, and I’m afraid I came off a little too eager.  She might even think I was trying to hit on her. 

Tomorrow’s class with her daughter should be interesting.


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