there is no santa clause

When someone asks, “how was your day?”, a wide range of experiences pass through my mind.  There are only a few worth sharing.

Sometimes I feel like “that girl” who breaks the news that there is no Santa Clause.  I spend so much time lauding the merits of democracy – rights, freedoms, voting, consent.  And then I get questions like the one Shermane asked me today:

“Mrs. Russ, what about convicted felons?  I mean, I know sometimes they can’t vote when they’re in jail, but what about when they get out?  Can they vote or run for office?”

I told him what a great question that was, and that it depends on the state.  I explained that some states don’t let felons vote in prison, but other states don’t let felons vote even after they’ve done their time.  And that means they can’t run for office either.

His eyes fell, as if I had delivered really disappointing but expected news.  “Oh.  I don’t want you to think bad of me or nothin, but I have several family members who have felonies on their records, so I was just wondering.”I told him that I understood, and that I get that question a lot.  On his way out, he asked if I could send a progress note to his dad.


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