fifths disease

Today was a first for me – I began another school year, but I wasn’t nervous.  No first-day jitters, no laying awake the night before wondering what to wear, no giddiness over the smell of new school supplies.  All day I waited for the thrill to kick in, but I’m still waiting.

This is my fifth year of teaching.  My first year was spent at a private school teaching 6-12 grade social studies.  It was the perfect place to “get my feet wet”.  Years 2-4 were magic.  I taught high school social studiees at a Title I school, and I loved every minute of it.  I immersed myself in curriculum planning, extra curricular activities, and school policy.  I became an educator here.  When my husband I and moved out of state for his job, I was sad to leave, but incredibly grateful for my time spent there.

I was also glad when I received a teaching position in our new home state.  In case you didn’t know, jobs in general are hard to come by.  Because each state’s curriculum is a little different, I now find myself teaching the same subject I’ve taught to high schoolers for the past three years…to middle schoolers.

And so here I am, my first day of school in my fifth year of teaching, bored, tired, and maybe disillusioned.  Perhaps what concerns me the most is that I don’t know what will happen to me if I am tired of teaching.


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