business 101

A Monday can be daunting for anyone in any profession.  The Monday after Spring Break proves nearly insurmountable for teachers and students alike.  By midday we were all a little slap silly.

1st period proved to be a challenge as we discussed the Great Depression and the start of WWII.  Some well-meaning questions:

“If we need money so badly, why don’t we just print more?”

The follow-up:

“What about those stimulus checks?  Isn’t that just like printing money?”

My 4th period was charged today with creating a business.  They were warned that we will be working with these businesses for the next two weeks as we study various micro-economic concepts.  Their only requirement was to make it legal.  I will let you decide if you would give your hard-earned money to any of the following:

“Plantation Cars – we plant toy cars and watch them grow!”

“Africa Express – bringing African animals to your home.  It’s just logic.”

“Sex Sells – specializing in pornographic magazine sales, and any movie with Tom Cruise.”

“Good Head – creating hats for your head.”

Sometimes (very rarely), I get a question that I cannot answer.  This usually happens when I start the unit on Criminal Trials.  Today was no exception, as my students peppered me with questions that I have no doubt came from real-life situations:

“What if you and a friend go to the gas station.  You wait in the car, and don’t realize that your friend is robbing it.  He gets back in the car and you drive off.  Will you get in trouble?”

“It’s not a crime unless you get caught, right?”


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