i still love my job

It has been a while since my last post.  I was admittedly hesitant to write anything online after the blowup over this Pennsylvania teacher. In the end, I decided that if anything similar is to happen to me, I might as well have fun.

We have all been busy the past several weeks, what with the Federal budget crisis, state budgets being dramatically scaled back, and the Wisconsin teacher strike.  The event that has held my attention most over the past two weeks though surpasses each of the others in both importance and magnitude.  Two weeks ago, my principal announced that our school was to receive….


Each year, Title I schools like ours get a certain amount of funding from the Federal government that can be used for instructional resources.  After polling each department, the administration gathered ideas ranging from lab materials to supplemental reading texts.  They decided that it would be in every student’s best interest if the funds were used to  buy a poster maker.

I will let that sink in for a few minutes.

In the world of students, mine have provided fantastic material recently.  I will try to recap the best moments below:

When discussing who was really at fault for WWI, one student responded, “It was the United States.  We have Chuck Norris.”

When asked what role Italy played in WWI, I was told, “They were like Michael Jordan, they just joined the winning team.”

In one of the most sincere moments ever, a student asked, “Wait…is it illegal to make your own money?”

And one student finally worked up the nerve to tell me, “I thought Washington, D.C was the one on the other side of the country, the state of Washington.”


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