epic fails in education

This weekend I thought it might be a good idea to catch up on some parent contact.  Each week I send out an email update to the parents of my students (the ones who have working email addresses), but personal communication is much more effective than a bulk email.  What I didn’t know was that I was about to embark on the most epic fail ever.

First I tried to make phone calls.  Two students in particular have been giving me big problems in one class.  They’ll probably start a riot this week.  Each has at least two phone numbers listed in our database.  None of them are valid.  None.  So I tried email.  As of 10:45 pm, every email address I tried was returned, for various reasons.  The most recent was returned because the user’s account was “suspended”, whatever that means.  Sometimes when I make parent phone calls, the number goes to the Dollar Tree.  Instead of giving their actual phone number, parents provide the number for the local Dollar Tree.

Tina Fey, when you produce my dramedy, pay close attention to the ridiculousness that is parent contact.  I am expected to solve in the classroom problems that started years ago at “home”.  Schools are not a remedy for every social issue the public faces.  They are merely a reflection of those problems.  If I am to fix those problems, then parents must also be held more accountable.  And give me donuts.


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