“it’s like they’re getting off scotch free.”

That’s an actual quote from one of my students today.  And it only got worse from there.

What’s that type of fallacy called, when you’re arguing, but then your argument falls apart because of a flaw?  Oh right, it’s called a LIE.  I caught my student in one today.  Imagine you’re a 15-year old, and you loan your cell phone to a friend.  Then, imagine that the teacher spots your friend texting on it during class and confiscates it.  You are upset.  You claim that you need it back right away because you are leaving early to go out of town.  Being the reasonable teacher that I am, I strike up a deal – stop by my room on your way out of town and you can get your phone back in exchange for a lecture and a cold stare.  Done.  Fast forward to 7th period, the last class of the day.  The halls are flooded with students making their way to the gym for a pep rally.  I step into the hallway and nearly run into you, the student who has lied to me about leaving early.  Very unfortunate.  When confronted, you tell another lie – “I left and then came back.”  Your friends laugh.  You have been caught.

Tina Fey will need to dig deep in order to cast this award-winning dramedy of my life and career.

In the midst of all of these funny-yet-sad stories, I would be remiss if I did not draw your attention to this editorial written by our school board’s chairman and published in today’s paper.  If the tales of my students provide some comedy, his thoughts certainly provide the drama to balance it out.  Above all, it is a reminder of the remarkable things teachers everywhere do with less-than-remarkable resources.  Instead of folding under pressure, financial and otherwise, I hope we can all rise to the challenge and use this as an opportunity to reshape the way public schooling is done.


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