paper war

It doesn’t take much to make a teacher happy.  I received a free reusable bag from C-SPAN once and showed it off for months.  Each semester, the school provides every teacher with one box (10 reams) of copy paper.  If you need more (and you always need more), you’re on your own.  When the second semester begins, you get a second box of paper.

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the faculty workroom and discovered a gift from our principal – one free pack of paper for each teacher.  That’s 500 sheets of copy paper that can be used to educate our students and change lives forever, especially when you utilize the “print 2 sheets on one page” function.

I skipped to my mailbox, anxious to hold the unopened ream of copy paper in my hand and smell it.  Unfortunately, there was no paper to be found in my box.  Every other box around mine had paper.  I asked the lead secretary why I did not receive my paper.  She replied, “Oh.  Two other teachers had the same problem.  I put some in your box, but it looks like someone stole it.”

Someone. Stole. My. Paper.  Not just “someone”…one of my “colleagues”.  A colleague who received the same gift I did, a free pack of paper, took it upon themselves to steal my paper.

This means war.  Produce that, Tina Fey.


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