best idea ever

After watching the Golden Globes last night, I have come to the conclusion that the world is ready for me to unleash my ideas in the form of a dramedy.  I cannot do this alone, though.  I have hatched a most brilliant plan that will change the lives of many forever.

Step 1:  Record the details of my career on a daily basis.  There is nothing more dramatic or more hilarious than teaching high school.

Step 2: Begin a letter-writing campaign to Tina Fey.  She is the only one I trust to take charge of turning my life and profession into a weekly television show.

Step 3: Invite Tina Fey to visit my classroom for at least one school day, to observe the characters in their natural habitat.  Lots of good material here.

Step 4: Accept Tina Fey’s offer to fly me to New York, purchase the rights to my idea and story for an undisclosed amount of money, and hire me as a production consultant.

Stay tuned…


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